Saturday, 14 September 2013

Newspaper nail art

 Hi today i came up with newspaper nail art i have seen this nail art video and wanna give a try but keep forgetting every time untill now ..finally i done it.. :) just simple 3 steps to do it ..
1.Nail polish of ur choice light shades because on dark shades the letters are not visible..
2.Cut the news paper strips of nail size and see there is only text n place them in a cup of rubbing alcohol/spirit for 30 sec..
3.Now remove the strips from it and place on nail adjust it and just press it and hold for 5-10  secs and remove u can see the letters are transfered to ur nail ..seal it with a top coat and you are done :)

 i will try it with images later  and will post the step wise tutorial nxt..

enjoy your newspaper nail art...
Hope u like it..
Thanks for stopping by..have a nice day..

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Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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