June 30, 2013

Quilled bicycle


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Rain nail art

                                       Rain nail art


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Tissue paper roses

                                   TISSUE  PAPER ROSES

Cut the selected colour tissue paper in petal shapes ..attach one by one by rolling around and your rose is ready add leaves.. no. of petals increase or decrease the rose size...Base is thermacol covered with lace ...

Arrange them in thermacol... 

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June 26, 2013

Magic card

                                        Magic card

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Pop- up cards

                                         Pop up eiffel tower


Pop up zig -zag card


Template can be downloaded from popupology ...

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June 21, 2013

Ice-cream sticks footwear

                               Footwear with ice-cream sticks

We can make many crafts out of ice cream sticks and its one of it .These footwear looks beautiful and are very easy to make .. you just need simple supplies ..
supplies u need are
ice-cream sticks


                                                satin ribbon and laces and glue..
First pick any design fabric or plain fabric of your choise and glue to the ice cream stick when it  is dry then cut out extra fabric ..
If you want to make the stick thick then glue 2 sticks together..
Attach the ribbon or lace with glue in design you like to make them fashionable..
Cover the sides with ribbon or lace to cover stick..
For extra decoration you can add small buttons,rhinestones,fimo nail art slices (i used flower and heart shape)..and u r done...

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June 20, 2013

Glitter nail art

                                   GLITTER NAIL ART

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Stamping nail art

                          FLOWER STAMP NAIL ART


Decorative mobile panel

                               DECORATIVE PANEL

Make your mobile panel look simply attractive ...you need rhinestones and glue..i also added a sticker of butterfly its ur choise to add or not..
 Creat any pattern/design u like and glue the rhinestones ..let it dry and your decorative mobile panel is ready to use.
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June 17, 2013


                                  PARTY  BOX  CLUTCH

These box clutches are so popular now a days ...every one wants to have their own clutch to take around parties ...but you can also make your own clutch in your style .. I have made my clutch with sunglasses case .. simple sunglasses case is converted to a party box clutch..i have decorated it with kundans and  rhinestones ...
Take a sunglasses case

kundans and rhinestones for decorations glue them to the sunglasses case in a pattern u like...
I placed the kundans along zip line..

 Flower pattern with rhinestones..

Added more rhinestone for decoration for party look.. 

Your diy party box clutch is ready ...take it around and have fun..
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June 16, 2013

Polka dots nail art

                                   POLKA DOTS

Apply black and white nail polish to alternate nails...
add black dots on white and black on white with a dotting tool ..if you dont have a dotting tool use bobby pin ..


June 09, 2013

Crazy Earphones

                    CRAZY  BANANA  EARPHONES

Make ur simple earphones look crazy by adding different shapes to ur earphones buds like banana,butterfly,dolphine n any shape u want..
  I made banana shape to the ear buds with m-seal ... let it dry..
Paint the bananas with acrylic colours (yellow,green and black) ..

           Your crazy earphones are ready to use attract every one's look by your crazy banana earphones..
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M-seal charms

                                    MOBILE CHARMS

In last post i made mobile ,key chain charms with air dry clay now i made shinchan and hello kitty with m-seal... you just need m-seal , acrylic colours to paint and loop pins so that u can hang thm to ur mobile with string...

                                                                   hello kitty
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