Thursday, 30 May 2013

Candle Foam effect

     Foam effect

Melt the paraffin wax till 3/4 th then take a churner and start churning while boiling if the churner stops moving then the foam is ready ... foam looks like snow..
  With this effect we can make decorative candles ...
place the foam with the help of spoon do not spread with spoon..

I made a candle cake with this foam effect and decorated it with hand made wax roses and leaves..

Make a paper roll like cake shape and add foam candle on it...

we can make decorative candles by the wax foam .....

make a wax base by pouring melted wax in round plate apply oil before pouring wax...after cooling remove the mould from plate and add wax foam before cooling fix a handmade wax rose a wax leaf and  a candle decorated with glitter...

in the same way u can add any charms seashells and decorate..i have also added 3magic candles ...
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Gel candles

                           GEL CANDLES

 Gel candles are made from a mixture of mineral oil and a polymer.
Gel wax

Gel wicks

Gel wax is melted in double boiling method .Gel candles are made in glass containers glasses, bowls..first place the wick and pour the melted wax we can add colours and perfumes we can also add decoratives like beads, coloured sand ,pearls,sea shells,other decorative motifs as it is visible frm glass...

Paraffin wax candles


Candles were once made from tallow and beeswax until after about 1850, they were made mainly from spermaceti and purified animal fats (stearin).
Today, most candles are made from paraffin wax.Candles can also be made from beeswax, soy, other plant waxes, and tallow (a by-product of beef-fat rendering).
 Gel candles are made from a mixture of mineral oil and a polymer.

                                         Paraffin wax

                                          Paraffin wicks

Melt the wax in double boil container while the wax is melting add your desired colours colours ..
wax colours are available in the craft stores.
crayons are cheap and best for usage add a piece of  selected crayon in melting wax ..if u want more colour add another small piece of crayon..
Now apply oil to the inner side of molds and place the wick in position support it with the stick at the top so that wick will be in center..
if there are any gaps after inserting wick thn close it with all purpose flour that it holds the wax ..we can add perfume to the candles before we pour wax in molds ..

paint the dias decorate and pour the wax when it is semi solid place the wick in position...

Quilled jewllery (earrings)

                                              EARRINGS AND LOCKET

Quilled earrings and locket i made thm with 3mm strips ...


Quilled peacock feather , loop and flower earrings


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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Quilled monarch butterfly

                                    QUILLED BUTTERFLY

 The monarch butterfly is a milkweed butterfly, in the family Nymphalidae. It is perhaps the best known of all North American butterflies...
 I saw the quilled monarch in day dreams blog n am inspired by looking at it and made one ... am happy that my first attempts result was good...i made it with 3mm strips..

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Nail art for short nails

Short nails are also decorated to look beautiful.. nail art designs for short nails .. 

In this i selected black nail polish and red nail art beads or caviar balls and red nail polish, top coat to secure ur nail art..

In this i selected green colour and flesh tint acrylic colour and top coat..

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DIY Dust plug

                                  Dust plug

I saw the diy dust plug video and want to make one ..I made a swan for my tab ..for dust plug you need an old head phone plug cut with the help of plyers or plastic plugs are also available .. make any shape u like with clay or mseal fix the plug in ur design with glue before it gets harden i used white  m-seal and made a swan and decorated it..


Painted it with pearl white acrylic colour and golden yellow for beak..

                                     With the help of glue rhine stones are attached ..and ur dust plug is ready..

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Quilled animals

                                    QUILLED ANIMALS

Quilled panda i added googly eyes to it..

Quilled piggy

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Quilled white peacock

                                     WHITE PEACOCK

 I made this white peacock with 5 mm strips..


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Monday, 20 May 2013




These paintings are done with acrylic colours.. mostly i use acrylic colours and am loving working with acrylic than oil bcoz they blend easily.. medium is used for free flowing of brush and works on any medium cleaning brushes is easy with water.

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These 3d quilling miniatures are made with tight quills i made these miniatures with 5 mm strips i saw flower pot quilling miniature in youtube and i want to give a try and it worked so i want to make other miniatures and started doing thm.
Quilled miniature coffee cups 
           Quilled miniature flower pot

Quilled miniature telephone

Quilled miniature dolls these are first trials so want to make thm better nxt time..

Tea kettle with tea cups..
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