Saturday, 30 November 2013

DIY Memo board

Hello!! everyone today am going to share a DIY memo board with a small toy wooden carrom board and its for the LESSology challenge Toy story..
lets begin..

This is the small toy wooden carrom board am using ..

 supplies needed are floral bunch stencil, acrylic colors, small wooden clothe pins, satin ribbon  ,sponge pieces to dab the colors on stencil, quilled flowers, wall hanger ,white cardstock ..

on the white cardstock placed the stencil and added acrylic colors with sponge pieces

cut out the colored cardstock and glue it in the toy carom board

Add satin ribbon before sticking the cardstock to the carom.. 

add these small wooden clothes pins to the satin ribbons so that you can tag the any list ,photo or any thing..

I have quilled some daisies and leaves Decorate the edges with quilled flowers and florist ribbon Rose flowers will post these Florist ribbon rose tutorial soon .. and added sticky notes to it n  shaded the edges with sponge..


arranged them like this
a close up of florist ribbon roses ..
Its the back of the carom it has four knobs I have added satin ribbon to one of the knob to hang..

 These cute embellishments are gift from my friend lavanya :)..I have used the flower added at the left bottom edge ..

 added a flower wall hanger to the upper right edge so that I can hang room keys or vehicle keys there..

 added things to buy list its empty now .. placed the marker to write
                                       here is my completed memo board..

 I have hanged it on my door.. its perfect on the door..

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Hope you liked it ..
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Snowman earrings..

Hi !! made snowman earrings with pearls and it has a quilled hat and satin ribbon muffler..
applied dots with black acrylic colors for eyes n buttons and red for nose..

 couldn't stop clicking this cute snowman .. ;)

Hope u like it..
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Decoupage pistachio shells necklace

Hello!! today am sharing pistachio shells necklace ..I decoupage the pistachio shells with patterned tissue paper ..its the fist time am trying  decoupage ..
lets start with tutorial ..we need pistachio shells ,patterned tissue paper ,needle ,0.3mm gold wire, dual shade seed beads, fevicol (instead of modpodge ) ..

1. Gather pistachio shells n tissue paper for decoupage..
 2.cut the tissue paper in small squares selecting the design
 3.apply fevicol to the pistachio  shell and place the tissue paper adjusting the design on paper and press slightly ..
 4.Now apply a coat of fevicol on it and keep a side let it dry completely..

 5.Here are the completely dry pistachio shells .. and now with the help of needle drill a hole on them..
6.Insert the wire and wrap it to make a hook..

7. dual shade black n red seed beads

 8.In middle of seed beads I placed the decoupage pistachio shells..

9.Decoupage pistachio shells necklace is ready with  matching earrings..

        I personally love it how it turned out n am happy :)

Hope u liked it ..
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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nail art in no time

Hi !! this nail art is easy and will complete in just simple 3 steps with the  Avon mosaic effect top coat ..I think its the best way when you are in a hurry for last minute party .. for this nail art you need any of your fav base coat , Avon mosaic top coat you will have many colors to choose in this and transparent top coat to seal the work..

1.Apply 2 coats of base coat allow to dry ..I used gold color for base coat..
2.Now apply Avon mosaic effect top coat ..there are many colors in this..I have used black Avon mosaic top coat.. single coat is enough.. and leave it no time you will see the mosaic patterns formed ..
3.seal it with Transparent top coat.. n u r done!!

Hope u like it..
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