Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nail art in no time

Hi !! this nail art is easy and will complete in just simple 3 steps with the  Avon mosaic effect top coat ..I think its the best way when you are in a hurry for last minute party .. for this nail art you need any of your fav base coat , Avon mosaic top coat you will have many colors to choose in this and transparent top coat to seal the work..

1.Apply 2 coats of base coat allow to dry ..I used gold color for base coat..
2.Now apply Avon mosaic effect top coat ..there are many colors in this..I have used black Avon mosaic top coat.. single coat is enough.. and leave it no time you will see the mosaic patterns formed ..
3.seal it with Transparent top coat.. n u r done!!

Hope u like it..
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