Thursday, 31 October 2013

T-light candle holder with thick cardboard

Hi friends am sharing t-light candle holder made of thick cardboard and decorated with rhinestones ,glitter, mirrors , pattern paper , corrugated paper, foam paper  Foam roses I want to make these foam roses when our versatile crafter Dr  Sonia has posted a tutorial of foam roses but now I got chance to make them you can find the foam roses tutorial here at cards and school projects blog ..she makes lovely different types of foam flowers love them..
For Diwali am making candles and wanna share these three  perfumed paraffin wax candles in glass and will move on to the t-light candle holders..
here are the perfumed candles..
 here are the tea light holders  I have cut the squares out of thick cardboard and the petals for the flowers are at the side you can see in the picture..
 finished foam roses orange color and also made blue color
 here are the set of 5 tea light holders ready..
 for this one I glued the pattern paper and placed the t-light candle in center and added 3 foam roses around the candle.. and for the corners added mirrors and rhinestones
 this is same as above but used blue foam roses..
 used corrugated paper for this one and added pearls, mirrors, rhinestones..
 for this one I have cut the cardboard in round shape and glued the glitter foam paper..
 this one with green corrugated paper..

Do tell me which one you like.. :)
Thanks for stopping by.. have a nice day..



  1. Radhika, that's so unique to combine cards and candles. I like the green with orange roses

  2. WOW Radhika so many beautiful bf designs and your flowers look awesome with the rolled centers and so sweet of you to give a shout out about my foam rose tutorial. Thrilled to bits!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

  3. These will make beautiful diwali decor cum diyas too!! Loved the foam flowers.Happy Diwali Radhika !!

    1. Thank you Pooja..Happy Diwali to you too .. :)

  4. Wow Radhika, you are so very talented. Love these :)

  5. These look pretty, hope you had a great Diwali

  6. Radhika, just visited your other posts, liked all crafts you had done for diwali! believe, it was fun with Family and friends for you as well !

  7. I just loved all of them... The orange flowers are simply gorgeous!!

  8. These are so beautifully decorated with all those lovely beads.

  9. I love the project. I also really like your site...

  10. Can the cardboard and foam material withstand the heat from the T-lights?


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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