August 16, 2016

Handmade Rakhis

Hi friends am here with handmade Rakhis today ..
 Have a tutorial how to make these handmade rakhis ..these are so easy to make..
you need stone lace ,embroidery thread (anchor thread ) , a wire ,scissor and some beads.
 starting with the lace this lace has a plastic sheet backing .. i have a large sheet but you can buy 2 or 3 lines in the stores these stone lace is used in embroidery work and for decorating silk thread jewellery..
 cut 2 lines  of the lace with scissor

 then cut according to the length you want..

 now cut 3 inch wire and insert into the thread ..this wire works as needle
 press the wire and now start inserting the wire into the lace in between the 2 lines as you have plastic backing so the thread is secured between the plastic sheet and stones.. 
 for the simple design first place a bead and then lace and then a bead again..
 tie knots near the beads so that beads and lace will be in position..
 as the same way you can insert any beads and make your own design..
these are the rakhis i made for my brothers ..
hope you like them ..
Thanks for stopping by ..have a nice day  and  Happy Rakshabandan in advance.. :)

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