Wednesday, 2 October 2013

M-seal peacock pendent earrings set and brooch

Hi friends today am posting a m-seal peacock pendent and earrings with round shape washers i bought them in hardware store big washer for pendent and small ones for earrings and a peacock brooch  .. we need m-seal ,washers, metallic colours,crystal beads for chain,safety pin for brooch, rhinestones. so lets get started..
 First mix the two equal parts of the white and black in the package..and knead like dough use any talcum powder so that it doesnt stick to hands..and then take a small part and arrange like a hook as shown below to the washer ..
 Now cover the whole washer with m-seal ..
 and start marking before it gets harden with the reynolds pen cap it makes nice round shape or u can use any shape you want on both front and back side..

 here is the washer with hook and the pattern on it..
 I made a small peacock with m-seal and placed it on the washer with glue and pendent is ready..
 Now its time for colouring the pendent

First colour the whole pendent in pearl metallic black ..

Than i just dabbed the metallic gold and rust here and there with finger ..

 then coloured the peacock with blue and green..
 I have selected blue and green crystals and gold balls for the chain..

Chain is ready with m-seal peacock pendent..

Here are the earrings with small washers and same procedure as pendent but i didnt add peacock for earrings just added the crystals and the gold ball. ..
 Back side of the pendent..
Here is the final look of the pendent chain set..


first make two leaf structures and glue together shown below..

 make the head part and attach to the wings.. and for the feathers make drop shape and attach to the peacock ..
 and then attach a safety pin on the back side and secure it with m-seal so that it doesnt move..

 used blue and green metallics for colouring and added rhinestones for  the wing..and the brooch is ready..

 Hope u liked it..
Thanks for stopping by..have a nice day..


  1. Oh..My this is so beautiful !! I loved how you have made the texture with pen-cap and used washer for base.Thanks for sharing step-by-step procedure that to with photos :D !

  2. WOW Radhika you are one amazing crafter...Bow down to you!!!

    1. It's a great honour for me...Thanks a lot Dr Sonia.. :)

  3. Wow....This is reaaaallly amazing. Such beautiful intricate design...I loved your peacock!!!

    Pygmy Arts

  4. Wow ! this one ois beautiful and I`m going to pin it

  5. Wow! Meine Liebe, das ist so wunderschön geworden.
    Der Pfau ist fantastisch und die Farben sehr identisch.
    Ein prachtvolles Stück.
    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar, du bist eine Bereicherung für mich.Vielen Dank <3
    Alles Liebe und viele Grüße von Sophie

  6. My my.. simply took my breath away!! It is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous Radhika! Hats off to your talent and resourcefulness... Beautiful!!!

  7. superb was just like a treat reading it... :)

  8. Nice art work. I have a lot of mseal artwork. Can u suggest where I can upload them for others to view?

    1. Thank you .. :)If you have a blog flaunt your art work in that ..or share them on your facebook page ..if you have tutorials how to make them then submit your tutorial in

  9. Hi. I've never worked with m seal before so I'm curious.. why do you mix the white and the black together? Why not use just white?
    Thanks for the post! :)

    1. HI Nikita :) ..we have to mix the white and black so that the product we made gets harden if only one color is mixed then your product made will not get harden ...

  10. Loved the Peacock brooch. Too good

  11. OHH MY GOD... What a creativity...HATS OFF to u...Today only i visited your blog...after seeing all your work i am feeling LIFE IS SOOO SOOO BEAUTIFUL...Lovely work...Awsome..i really dont have words... :)

    1. Thank you so much Manasa :) am glad you liked my works :)

  12. wooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it vvvvvvv much
    superb ,elegant , nice , good,etc.............

  13. Wowwwwwwww Really very nice radhika.

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  15. Love your work :) simply gorgeous jewelry. I do have a question and hope you can help me with name of the paint you used? I've been looking for paint like that. Thank you in advance for your reply :)

  16. You have got some great posts in your blog. Keep up with the good work. chand bali jhumka


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