Thursday, 8 September 2016

DIY M-Seal fridge magnets

Hi am with 2nd post .. M-Seal fridge magnets used shipkar M-Seal .. I didn't take step wise pics of making it but have 2 to 3 pics ..
 Ya I made little baby feet and names on it made them for gifting purpose
Here are some in process pics..
For these fridge magnets you will need 2 magnets and 1 shipkar M-Seal box ,glue,talcum powder  (used while mixing 2 parts of mseal),metallic colors.
First mixed 2 parts of M-SEAL (epoxy clay) and then take some amount and make a round shape or any other shape like heart , over, square and that will serve as your Base. .
Then make impressions at the corners with a head pin if you don't want any impressions you may skip this.. now start making little feet and little fingers check the position n glue on to the Base now arrange the name with Mseal and let them dry for 1 to 2 hrs
After drying color them with metallic acrylic colors I used blue for the Base and nude color for feet and white for names and the final part is to glue magnets on to the Base used hot glue gun to glue the magnets.. and the fridge magnets are ready..
Hope you like them..
Thanks for stopping by ..Have a great day.. :)
                      ~ ♡ Radhika ♡ ~ 
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