Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Quilled Jhumkas

Hi Every one ..
i made blue quilled Jhumkas for the Indian Quilling Challenge .. and the challenge is anything goes with blue so i made  jhumka earrings using blue tones quilling strips..

Here are my Jhumkas..

used rhinestones, half pearls,crystals to the jhumkas.. here are more pics of blue jhumka earrings..i love the  jhumkas they turned out very well..am happy n satisfied with them :)

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Indian Quilling Challenge-4 Any thing goes with blue

Hope you like them ..
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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Thinking of you

Hi everyone..
this is my 2nd post today ..made this card for the card concept  color challenge  use aqua,lime and white colors.. i have sponged the clouds and grass field using masking technique and stamped the branches and for the half of the card stamped the lace ...added the sentiment Thinking of you :)

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The Card Concept Challenge#15- Color Challenge

 Hope you like it ..
Thanks for stopping  by ..Happy weekend..:)

One layer card

Hi Quick post Today am going to share a one layer card for challenges ..

i have done masking and sponging for the background and stamped a peacock feather  and added a sentiment .. and done :)

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Hope you like my card ..
Thanks for stopping by .. have a nice day :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Getting To Know Me Blog Hop

Hello Friends !!
Today am sharing  a different Blog Hop .. i was tagged for this different Blog Hop by my blogger friend and great inspiration Dr Sonia  she blogs at  http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.in/  she is a wonderful person inspires many people ..her projects are very useful and Amazing ..she makes things look easier with her tutorials..she made so many flower tutorials with different mediums you can find at her blog my favorite among them are foam flowers  and also she makes handmade embellishments and many School projects .. Thanks for tagging me DR Sonia its an Honour :) .. Here you can find her post  Getting to Know me Blog Hop   .

My tag is at the end of the post ..all my craft friends have completed the blog hop and some are on the way to post today and some have scheduled next Monday ..:)

                      GETTING TO KNOW ME

1.What am i working right now?
Hmm many things but not of same medium .. some idea strikes my mind and i start working on it ..but right now i don't have any thing to share because i have unfinished projects ...once i finish i will post the process .. :) 

2.Why do I craft and Blog ?
Because i love it ..i like making crafts always want to try different things which i don't have any idea of ..i have started my blog in 2013 April and learnt so many things here ..am not a card making person but after looking at many challenges around i have started making cards and am lovin it :D.. after blogging am so happy and satisfied when people like it and comment on it and also when people feel happy when  i gift a card or handmade gift ..  :)

3.How do I Become inspired or stay inspired ?
I am inspired by many things ..mostly am inspired by my blogger friends works and new techniques they share .. and stay always inspired by the challenges they come up with great sketches and themes..they inspire me so much :) and color inspiration is from color palettes when am confused with colors i will refer color palettes by Divya  she has lovely color palettes..:)

4.How does your writing /creating process work ? 
Its not always same because i try different things As am inspired by the challenges themes  when i see the challenge  many  idea strike my mind and  start gathering the supplies n  implement on one of it .. sometimes i will alter some tiny things and finish the project :) sometimes i finish the project with out any idea i will just go on adding things untill i like it :)

5.How long does it take to create a project?

 I mostly make crafts at night time ..For CAS cards it take 20  mins and some take  30 mins
 for the recycling projects,altered projects it takes 1-2 days depending on my mood some times i finish them in 1 day ..
for jewelry it takes 1-2 days ,for art journals it take 2-3 hrs with breaks in middle :) and am slow at quilling it takes much time  to quill a 3d Doll it takes 3 hrs.. :)

 i mess up every time i make crafts and additional time to clean it up when i finish the project ;) i always think next time i will not mess up things but it happens always :) its become a habit :D (bad habit)..

6.How does my work differ from others ?
i don't know actually ..i like to try new things and experiment on it..from any medium  i want to try and get better out of it something unique.. but mostly i like to work with m-seal (epoxy clay) and now a days am concentrating on stamping and techniques..:)

7.What are the favorite things i love to create at the moment ?
My favorite m-seal  something new to create with ..Like to make DIY's  and now want to try stamping ,stencil and textures..(techniques) ,handmade embellishments and flowers :) am so lazy making flowers but am concentrating to make flowers and embellishments :) and  also jewelry making too as am not making jewelry these days..

8.What is my Signature style?
 I try many things n styles  not limited to one particular style :) ..and am learning  new forms n styles  from my blogger pals  .. :)

That's it about  me.. :) Hope you enjoyed reading my lengthy blog hop post ..
Thanks for sticking to me till the end of the post..Now its my turn to tag  am tagging one of my  blogger friend..

Ramya Anand  she makes cards , DIYs, and altered things she blogs at Kriya-tive Kaleidoscope i like her crafts she make her own handmade flowers  ..you can also find tutorials of the projects..here is the cute DIY Bird house she made i lovee it..  do drop by her blog .. :) her post go live on 28th July..

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Earrings Everyday July

Hi every one reveal for the Earrings everyday we're all are ears July i have used different medium for earrings i have used stocking cloth ..stocking cloth is used to make decorative flowers i have tried making a pair of earrings .. :)

 here is the July inspiration pic am  inspired by the colors in the pic

used white and blue stocking cloth added red pollen's at the center ..

linking to:
Earrings Everyday
Hope you like it ..
Thanks for stopping by ..have a nice day :)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Altered shoe box

Today i have altered shoe box to share with you ..i made pram out of it and its movable .. :D

Here is the shoe box  n simple steps to make pram..

covered the whole box with the pattern paper 

attached the lid over it..
stitched net cloth and glued over the box and lid too..

added rhinestones on it..and also attached the wheels (glass jar lids :D) pierced hole to box inserted sticks used m-seal to glue the lids to stick ..

 to the lid i have just added the accordion fold white paper  ..glued the flowers made with round punch .

am using it to store my nail art supplies.. :)

linking this to:
lessology challenge#38- sew lovely
Lulupu challenge#35 - go 3d

Hope you like it..
Thanks for stopping by ..have a nice day :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Simple Tags

Hi am with a quick post last minute entry for the Lulupu Bingo challenge..so here are the simple tags used stamping ,punches and ribbon..

These tags are made using the Spotlight stamping technique shown by  Deepti  here  
i have used flower punch and circle punch for spotlighting ..

 for these i have added punch craft flowers..

 Linking it to :

Hope you like it ..
Thanks fro stopping by ..have a nice day :)

Coconut Shell Box

yes coconut shell box you heard right ..made this box out of coconut shells.. :)

Here is the tutorial of making the box..
supplies you need are one coconut shell (coconut shell i used is little big than normal one),m-seal,kundans,3d outliners,black color, 2 plastic lids one large and one small,sand paper ..
1st smooth the coconut shell with sand paper then attach the plastic lids to the shells large one for the bottom  stand and small one for the top as lid with M-seal..
 now time for coloring color it with metallic black
 Used 3d cone outliner ,kundans,rhinestones for decorating

now decorate the bottom part same as the lid..
 Here is the completed box ..if you want you can also color inside the box i left it as it is to look natural..

 you can use it for storing rings ,earrings,saftey pins,saree pins,brooches  or you can store change or any thing you want .. :D
 Hope you like it..
Thanks for stopping by .. Have a nice day :)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pop up Rakhi card

 Rakhi festival is nearer have to send (post ) rakhi for my brother earlier because at present  he is in US ..i have made a pop up rakhi card inspired by the create something catchy challenge pop up cards ..
I have  used handmade paper for the card added 1 flap on card for  the flap decoration i have limited to one kundan as i don't want to add more weight to my card and a upper round piece from old wedding invitation as it matches my handmade paper.. when it
opens you can see the rakhi pop up  ..for this rakhi i have stamped ,colored and fuzzy cut it and glued ..added rhinestones for the decoration..

 when card opens you can see the flowers , Rakhi and Roli tika  pop up.. i have included every thin needed for Rakhi in this card ..

 i have taken few shots of the card
 side view

 top view

Linking this to :
Create something catchy challenges cscc#5 Pop up cards

 Hope you like it..
Thanks for stopping by ..have a nice day :)

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