Sunday, 29 September 2013

Watermelon carving

Hi !! friends first time am carving a watermelon am not sure how it gonna work because i dont have carving tools and didnt practice on any thing its a direct attack on it but blindly went on doing it after it is finished am happy by the out put ..i know it was not perfect and neat but for the first attempt it was not that bad too...Thanks for the youtube i watched the rose carving on melon.. i have taken pics while carving ..
First take a watermelon i took the small melon because i cant carve the big one as am doing it first time so selected the small one ..and tools i used are a normal kitchen knife small ,craft knife and a pen knife.. 

 First peel the skin  where you gonna work.. i peeled the half of the watermelon skin..

Marked the circle with a smooth edge glass..

Then mark the another line out side the circle and peel it so that the red colour of melon expose..

Made the petals by peeling the sections going round

And the inner part is completed and working on the outer petals ..

 Then carved leaves at the bottom you cant see them clearly bcoz leaves i carved looks like petals :P

 Peel the skin around the whole carving so that the carving done is exposed with outlines.

Tadaa here we done carving ..i have cut a small piece of melon so that it can stand..and i have taken pics in 3 views front,side and top views.. :)

                                                                   its the front view

                                                                    Side view
Top view ..
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Saturday, 28 September 2013


 Hi ! today am posting a bracelet with pink and white pearls and a metal charm (little cute tortoise )its my favorite  am using a beading wire 30 mm for this bracelet and bracelet hook..

  this is my cute little tortoise

arranged the pearls and tortoise in middle
here is the finished bracelet ..
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Jute twine earrings

Hi ..i wanna try earrings out of jute twine and tried this circular earrings  i dont have the coloured twine so coloured the natural twine with pearl metallic colours..

just need fevicol,,jute twine and cardboard cut in round shape..

glued the twine and twisted spirally on both sides of cardboard  and added the fish hooks(earring hooks)

then coloured using pearl metallics gold,rust and brass colours and added a mirror in the middle..on both sides you can try it out in different shapes.. and done.. :) jute twine earrings are ready..
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Friday, 27 September 2013

squares card

This Squares card has  four squares of white cardstock stamped  with different patterns and then layerd on the red cardstock and a white card stock is added and in the middle on which i added a sentiment.. thia card is for freshly made sketches ..
here is the sketch..

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cards using handmade foam stamps

 Hi friends!! yesterday i shared handmade foam stamps and today am posting set of cards using those handmade foam stamps i used the brick shape , butterfly ,flower and leaf shapes and i have stamped the image using markers i think markers are best for foam stamps and we can use single or multiple colours for single stamp image for stamping as u can see i used rainbow colours ..
when i saw the moxie fab world colour media challenge  so used all rainbow colour markers for stamping and the game set match challenge of a blog named hero need a set of 3 cards so made these set of 3 cards using the same rainbow colours ..

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Handmade foam stamps

Foam stamps
Hi friends!! today am gonna share  foam stamps  handmade foam stamps.. ya you heard me right handmade they are easy to make i  wanna make some specified shapes for stamping and foam is the best for it.. you can make any different shapes and it will be best for backgrounds and its very fun and low cost you just need foam sheet of any colour  cardboard sheet and sicssor to cut out shape and your favourite design paper punch , glue and get  started  for the handmade  foam stamps..this post is a lot with photographs ... so here we go

       here are my cut shapes some are hand cuts and  punched designs out of foam sheet..

 foam sheet
 is thin and we have to glue two cut shapes of same design together so thet we can get a nice print when we apply pressure on when stamping...

here i glued all the foam flower shapes in pattern i wanted on to the cardboard

 and here i cut the foam to brick shape and arranged them on cardboard like this  so i get a wall effect for background ..

These are my stencil designs i traced on foam paper and cut the shapes and glued on the cardboard ..

 Now time for stamping  our handmade foam stamps

 look at this you will get a nice background wall texture..
These foam stamps also works better with markers and acrylic paints and here i used the markers look at the below images how they work ..

  here is the image i love the foam stamp images with the markers and am so happy with these foam stamps and will make more patterns and designs  :)..make ur self designed foam stamps and enjoy ...!!

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