Monday, 23 September 2013

Handmade foam stamps

Foam stamps
Hi friends!! today am gonna share  foam stamps  handmade foam stamps.. ya you heard me right handmade they are easy to make i  wanna make some specified shapes for stamping and foam is the best for it.. you can make any different shapes and it will be best for backgrounds and its very fun and low cost you just need foam sheet of any colour  cardboard sheet and sicssor to cut out shape and your favourite design paper punch , glue and get  started  for the handmade  foam stamps..this post is a lot with photographs ... so here we go

       here are my cut shapes some are hand cuts and  punched designs out of foam sheet..

 foam sheet
 is thin and we have to glue two cut shapes of same design together so thet we can get a nice print when we apply pressure on when stamping...

here i glued all the foam flower shapes in pattern i wanted on to the cardboard

 and here i cut the foam to brick shape and arranged them on cardboard like this  so i get a wall effect for background ..

These are my stencil designs i traced on foam paper and cut the shapes and glued on the cardboard ..

 Now time for stamping  our handmade foam stamps

 look at this you will get a nice background wall texture..
These foam stamps also works better with markers and acrylic paints and here i used the markers look at the below images how they work ..

  here is the image i love the foam stamp images with the markers and am so happy with these foam stamps and will make more patterns and designs  :)..make ur self designed foam stamps and enjoy ...!!

Hope u like it...
Thanks for stopping by..have a nice day..


  1. WOw ! Wonderful idea to make custom foam stamps !

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    1. Superb idea Radhika.. Where do u get these brainwaves from?? I'm currently on the lookout for stamps too - to venture more into cardmaking and ur post has come just in time to help me :) Thanks for sharing!!

    2. Thank you EsVee :) These stamps work wonderful on cards in today's post u can see the cards set done using these stamps..


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