Saturday, 31 August 2013

Snap it!!

                                YELLOW BUDGIE/PARAKEET

Its my new  budgie /parakeet i already have two budgies one blue and one green and the new one is yellow i placed a small pot in the cage and u can see what my new budgie is doing ..its a female budgie if she heards any noise it rushes into the pot ..
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Friday, 30 August 2013

snowflake card

Hello!! friends its my 100th post n here i have a quick post of card base on sketch the sketch is from freshly made sketches..
Basing on this sketch i made a quick simple card and used the green colour used pattern paper and a handcut snowflake thats it i didn't attach any sentiment to it...

Linking it to -freshlymadesketches
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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sketch inspiration card

Hi friends todays  post is a  card based on the sketch inspiration by inkspirational is the inspiration sketch..


so following it to make the card ..this challenge mentioned that the shape may differ but should follow the sketch so make the card in blue n yellow combination..instead of circles i used the flower shape and quilled butterflies at the right top corner..for the center used the velvet ribbon n rhinestones..

linking it to- inkspirationalchallenges
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Quilled lord little krishna

                               QUILLED LITTLE KRISHNA

Hi Friends Happy Janmastami to u all its my second post today ..its janmastami so i wanna make quilled little krishna and made it n wanna share with it is..

 i used both 5 mm and 3 mm strips n gold sheet for mukut (crown)and glued some rhinestones to decorate it..and a peacock feather..

 and the pot with butter (venna) for butter used cotton..flute with peacock feather

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Recycle floppy case

                         FLOPPY DISK CASE RECYCLING

 Hi !! friends remember floppy once up on a time we used them i got a floppy case in my computer acccesory storage while searching for cd cases  Dr Sonia has made a post cd case recycling for teachers day gift  cardsandschoolprojects by looking at that i want to make one but i got this floppy case so recycled has a card holder and added sticky notes and a colour pen..
Floppy disk and floppy case

This is the floppy disk case it is cute little and handy

 flower shape stick notes and colour pens from my stash
orange handmade paper cuts for card holder arranged them inside and added a flower pattern paper on the card holdet..

used handmade paper blue to cover inside

its the front of the floppy case i mad it simple attached the hand cut flowers of 3 colours and added a button and also added a velvet 3 coloured lace..
Here is the card holder and write any imp notes ready in this cute little floppy disk case..and will use this in my handbag n clutch too..

my clutch is little big :) it holds the floppy case..and here u 'r done..
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Monday, 26 August 2013

Thank you card


Hi !! today here is a quick post of simple thank you card..yellow ,red card used  orange pattern paper and used sentiment thank you the top added two feathers.. 

linking to-seizethesketch
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Crochet jewllery

                                    CROCHET JEWLLERY

Hello!! everyone today am posting crochet jewllery two neck pieces and 4 pairs of earrings..made by basic corchet stich its simple chain stich and double corchet stich..   

 linking to -itsybitsy
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Friday, 23 August 2013

wild animals card

                                            ANIMALS CARD

hi i made a card its some what big its for kids and this card is of wild animals in the same way we can make cards for flowers,birds,trees,fruits ,plants ..we can show the cards and make them learn easily i made it simple ..u can make even better by adding more pages like folder..

First choose the colour  for the card

 cut the shapes to sticking o the card
 thn select some animals and cut thm out i cut thm out of animal chart..

 arrange the cut shapes like this and glue them..
 stick the animals on the cut shapes 

 for the front side of the card add pattern paper and hand cut designs arrange and glue them and its done..


Linking to- itsybitsy -for the kids
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Coloured Wodden beads necklace

                           WODDEN BEADS NECKLAC

Hi!! today i wanna share a light weight colourful wodden beads necklace its specially for kids its light in weight so preferable for kids to wear long time n they don't feel heavy ..and am sharing a picture tutorial its easy to do..used large,medium and small  wodden beads..

 lets begin the tutorial..
supplies needed - corchet thread,clasp,coloured wodden beads,large wodden beads,needle(as i said before take 4 inch 0.3 mm gold wire fold it half it will be helpful for thick threads or cord place the thread in middle and use).... 

1.Take the thread measure the length and take 3 lines of same length and tie to the 3 hole clasp..

2.Add three wodden beads in each line thn grab all the 3 threads and add one medium size ,large and again medim size beads as shown in images below..


3 .Now add 10 beads in each strand and again the large ,medium beads combination..

4.Now add 8 coloured small beads in each strand and one medium size bead..

 before u add the medium size bead twist the threads for the twisted look..twist the same way when u add the coloured beads every time.

5.Add large coloured beads add 12 beads in each strand and twist and add medium bead..

6.Now add the beads as the same way on the other side....

 tie the threads to the clasps other end..
 and the coloured wodden beads necklace is ready to wear..
linking to
itsybitsy -for the kids
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