Sunday, 18 August 2013

Fimo canes nail art

                                           FRUIT  NAIL ART

Hi !! today am gonna explain about the fimo canes nail art its soo sooo simple and i added a photograps tutorial ..these fimo canes are available in many colours ,shapes like fruits ,veggies,flowers, leaves, insects,heart shape ,etc,..these fimo canes are available in 4 inch sticks so we have to slice them and use or direct sliced fimo canes are also available..if fimo cane sticks are used then be carefull while cutting make thin slices..

here we go for the simple tutorial
 Things we need

step 1-remove any old nail polish on the nails with nail remover..

its mehendi on my nails..
2.Apply a base coat and apply one nail with green and one nail with pink .add 2 coats of nail polish.

3.when the polish is still wet place the fimo on right position and press firmly..if the polish is dry then the fimos doesnt stick thn on the dried polish add a drop of top coat where u want to stick the fimo and place the fimo and press firmly..

 4.Then after finishing adding the fimos  apply a top coat and seal ur nail art..

 5 .Now clean the sides of the nails with cotton pad or ear bud dipped in nail polish remover..

                                             Done !!!
Hope u like it..
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  1. Radhika, where do we get Fimo canes in India? And what is the cost like?

  2. hi Esvee the wheel with fimo slices i shown costs Rs50/- it has around 80 slices and i bought in local bangle store .. u can get it online am adding the ebay link below in this u get 30 canes sticks of 5 cm each u have to slice them n in one cane stick u get easily 40-50 slices..price for 30 canes Rs 392/- i think its reasonable.

  3. Thanks a lot for the info Radhika...


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