July 29, 2013

Beaded Necklace

                                DAISY BEADED NECKLACE

Hello everyone!!
Today am gonna post another tutorial of jewllery making beaded necklace..its elegant suits any outfit...its a daisy flower design ..


supplies needed are beads oval or square shape 2 colours, eye pins /loop pins,plier,cutter,gold chain,jump rings,hook,a drop.
lets get started..
1.Take loop pins and insert the yellow bead and close the pin making a loop with the plier..



2. Prepare all the beads needed i used red colour beads also for ends.. 

3.Now its time for arranging take a jump ring and insert 6 beads and close the jump ring to form a daisy flower shape..

4.Make another 2 daisy flowers as above and place them as shown in below picture..

5.Now add one by one bead and join them with jump ring ..you get four beads in between the two daisies and add with jump ring it looks like another daisy..

6.Now make the same for other side..so the middle part is complete and we can observ 5 daisies..

7.Arrange the other beads as shown in pictures and add with jump ring so that there will be no confusion....

8.Its time for red ones adding at the corners..

9.Take the drop and add at the center with jump ring..

10.Take gold chains and add hook to one chain..and to the other gold chain add extension rings ..add these chains to the ends of beads necklace with jump rings..

11.Beaded necklace is ready..

Hope u like it..
Thanks for stopping by..have a nice day..

July 28, 2013

Trendy triangles Birthday card


                                     BIRTHDAY CARD 

Hi everyone ..
its so much fun using triangles and the challenge trendy triangles of  moxie fab world is so fun ..so i made this birthday card to play along i used single colour triangles ...
Linking to
moxiefabworld-Trendy triangles
Hope u like it ..
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Birthday tag

                                        BIRTHDAY TAG

Hi  i made a birthday tag with a cake , flowers....and with a birthday message.. 

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seizethebirthday-Anything goes birthday celebration
Hope u like it..
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July 27, 2013

Snap it !!..

                                 SNAP IT

Hi new post of photographs  as  snap it... this is my friends pet sonu..
Hope u like it ..
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July 25, 2013

M-seal Lord ganesh idol


Hi every one todays post is m-seal art i made lord ganesh using stone and m-seal..
 supplies u need are- hobby Shilpkar(m-seal for crafts),stone,rhinestones,glue,talcum powder,toothpicks,hobby ideas pearl metallic colours.
Here we go...
1. Gather your supplies
the stone shape remind me of lord ganesh so want to continue with that idea...
2. Take shilpkar and cut equal parts of ash and white parts mix well to form dough use talcum so that m-seal doesnt stick to hands..
3. Now grab the stone and start applying m-seal according to the design u got in mind and mark the impressions with the toothpick before m-seal gets harden.

Make a platform with m-seal so that we can place the idol in position
4. After the design is finished  making with m-seal now its time for colouring i used hobby ideas pearl metallic colours..
                                              Added rhinestones for crown..

5. M-seal Ganesh idol is ready
Hope u like it..
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July 22, 2013

Lord puri jagannadh rangoli

                             LORD JAGANNATH RANGOLI



The jagannath temple in puri is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to jagannath located in the coastal town of puri in the state of odisha,India.
The central forms of jagannath,balabadra and the goddess subadra constitute the trinity of deities sitting on the bejewelled platform or the ratnavedi in inner sanctum.
The deities of jagannath,balabhadra ,subhadra and sudarshan chakra are made from sacred neem logs.

 The most important festival is the Rath yatra or the chariot festival in june. the spectacular festival includes a procession of three huge chariots bearing the idols of jagannath,balabhadra and subhadra through the bada danda meaning the grand avenue of puri till their final destination the gandicha temple.

Hope u like it..
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