Monday, 22 July 2013

Lord puri jagannadh rangoli

                             LORD JAGANNATH RANGOLI



The jagannath temple in puri is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to jagannath located in the coastal town of puri in the state of odisha,India.
The central forms of jagannath,balabadra and the goddess subadra constitute the trinity of deities sitting on the bejewelled platform or the ratnavedi in inner sanctum.
The deities of jagannath,balabhadra ,subhadra and sudarshan chakra are made from sacred neem logs.

 The most important festival is the Rath yatra or the chariot festival in june. the spectacular festival includes a procession of three huge chariots bearing the idols of jagannath,balabhadra and subhadra through the bada danda meaning the grand avenue of puri till their final destination the gandicha temple.

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