Sunday, 14 July 2013

pearl link chain and earrings

                          PEARL CHAIN AND EARRINGS

Hi here is the another tutorial of jewllery making ..its a link chain easy to make supplies u need are black and white pearls,head pins, caps ,jump rings ..

Tools - plier,cutter
Take the supplies needed for chain and here we go
1.First take a head pin cut the end(head) with cutter we just need the pin .. 
2.Now take the plier and bend the wire and thn from the end
roll along the plier to form a loop as shown below..
3.Arrange the pearls first add white pearl thn place a cap thn black pearl add another cap and white pearl ..and make a loop in same process.
4. Make these links as many as desired according to length of chain we want to prepare ..  
5.Now take jump rings and add these links..
6.Now joint all the links to form a chain..
7.Thn we need to prepare a hook same head pin is used for hook preparation..
make inward loop on both ends with plier
                     bend in middle both sides should be equal..
                                     press in middle
                      thn bend in middle and hook is ready
8.Add jump ring to hook and join to chain.. prepare a four jump rings chain add to the other side of chain..
9.Prepare earrings take head pins no need to cut the head add the pearls in same pattern and make a loop and add to the fish hooks with jump rings..

10. pearl link chain and earrings are ready..

submitting to the challenge jewllery making
Hope u liked the tutorial  ...
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  1. This is super awesome.Love the way you made the well explained in pictures Radhika. Have pinned it here:Beading tutorials

  2. nice tutorial.. especially the making of the hook!

  3. Hi.... your information is super awesome.Black pearls are also less expensive and more attractive stuffs.Thanks for this tips. black pearl earrings

  4. What a fabulous tutorial and a wonderful end result. I have always wondered about how you jewellery makers create such stuff! Fantastic stuff! Thanks so much for playing along ItsyBitsy's Sizzix Tutorial Challenge. All the very best!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

  5. Thank u Sunehra sounds very encouraging and love to play along itsy bitsy challenge..


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