Sunday, 28 July 2013

Beaded Necklace

                                DAISY BEADED NECKLACE

Hello everyone!!
Today am gonna post another tutorial of jewllery making beaded necklace..its elegant suits any outfit...its a daisy flower design ..


supplies needed are beads oval or square shape 2 colours, eye pins /loop pins,plier,cutter,gold chain,jump rings,hook,a drop.
lets get started..
1.Take loop pins and insert the yellow bead and close the pin making a loop with the plier..



2. Prepare all the beads needed i used red colour beads also for ends.. 

3.Now its time for arranging take a jump ring and insert 6 beads and close the jump ring to form a daisy flower shape..

4.Make another 2 daisy flowers as above and place them as shown in below picture..

5.Now add one by one bead and join them with jump ring get four beads in between the two daisies and add with jump ring it looks like another daisy..

6.Now make the same for other the middle part is complete and we can observ 5 daisies..

7.Arrange the other beads as shown in pictures and add with jump ring so that there will be no confusion....

8.Its time for red ones adding at the corners..

9.Take the drop and add at the center with jump ring..

10.Take gold chains and add hook to one chain..and to the other gold chain add extension rings ..add these chains to the ends of beads necklace with jump rings..

11.Beaded necklace is ready..

Hope u like it..
Thanks for stopping by..have a nice day..


  1. very pretty beaded necklace......i love the pattern and the way you have explained it...thanks for the tutorial

  2. WOW it is exquisite. Exciting to read this as I am definitely going to try this!! Thank you so much!

  3. Thank u Dr Sonia glad u liked it..

  4. Wow.. it's VERY beautiful Radhika! You've made making the complex pattern appear like a piece of cake. Will definitely try this.. Thanks for the step-wise pics.

    1. Thank u soo much EsVee .. :)am glad u like it try it..

    2. Such a useful tutorial and you have done such a beautiful necklace. I have learnt a lot from you and I am going to try this one.

    3. Thank u soo much Suganthi glad u like it :)..ya do try it its so much fun doing..

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  6. Wow, nice work. Thanks for posting detailed step by step pics


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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