Thursday, 25 July 2013

M-seal Lord ganesh idol


Hi every one todays post is m-seal art i made lord ganesh using stone and m-seal..
 supplies u need are- hobby Shilpkar(m-seal for crafts),stone,rhinestones,glue,talcum powder,toothpicks,hobby ideas pearl metallic colours.
Here we go...
1. Gather your supplies
the stone shape remind me of lord ganesh so want to continue with that idea...
2. Take shilpkar and cut equal parts of ash and white parts mix well to form dough use talcum so that m-seal doesnt stick to hands..
3. Now grab the stone and start applying m-seal according to the design u got in mind and mark the impressions with the toothpick before m-seal gets harden.

Make a platform with m-seal so that we can place the idol in position
4. After the design is finished  making with m-seal now its time for colouring i used hobby ideas pearl metallic colours..
                                              Added rhinestones for crown..

5. M-seal Ganesh idol is ready
Hope u like it..
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