Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ear hooks and chain hook with loop pin

with the loop pins /eye pins we can make ear hooks if ear hooks are not available we can use them and chain or braclet hook its simple to make both i like the loop pins because these are many uses with them.

 take one loop pin and simple hold in center with plyer and bend in middle and done..your ear hook is ready..

 now take any danglers pearls beads ..
 just insert into the hook and ur earring is ready..
 here is earring pair..

 chain /braclet hook :

Take a loop pin..and make a loop at the other end..

 Now bend in middle with plier and done simple hook is ready i made a hook earlier its with head pin u can see in pearl link chain and earrings

Simple hook and ear hooks are ready with loop pins ..
Hope u like it..
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