Sunday, 29 September 2013

Watermelon carving

Hi !! friends first time am carving a watermelon am not sure how it gonna work because i dont have carving tools and didnt practice on any thing its a direct attack on it but blindly went on doing it after it is finished am happy by the out put ..i know it was not perfect and neat but for the first attempt it was not that bad too...Thanks for the youtube i watched the rose carving on melon.. i have taken pics while carving ..
First take a watermelon i took the small melon because i cant carve the big one as am doing it first time so selected the small one ..and tools i used are a normal kitchen knife small ,craft knife and a pen knife.. 

 First peel the skin  where you gonna work.. i peeled the half of the watermelon skin..

Marked the circle with a smooth edge glass..

Then mark the another line out side the circle and peel it so that the red colour of melon expose..

Made the petals by peeling the sections going round

And the inner part is completed and working on the outer petals ..

 Then carved leaves at the bottom you cant see them clearly bcoz leaves i carved looks like petals :P

 Peel the skin around the whole carving so that the carving done is exposed with outlines.

Tadaa here we done carving ..i have cut a small piece of melon so that it can stand..and i have taken pics in 3 views front,side and top views.. :)

                                                                   its the front view

                                                                    Side view
Top view ..
Hope u liked it..
Thanks for stopping by..have a nice day..


  1. WOW it looks stunning Radhika..just like a professional carving!! And you have made it look so simple with your step by step

    1. Thank you Dr i can carve with confidence... :)

  2. Radhika, my congratulations with your first watermelon! You did it well without special carving tools. About your question on soap carving tools, we use the same knives as for fruit and vegetable carving. The most important knive is a thai knive. It has a long and sharp tip blade. When carve a soap, use just a tip of the thai knife. When carve a watermelon, the thai knife allows to carve deeper inside.

    1. Thank you Selena ..ohk so thai knife is the important one.. Thanks for the info selena..

  3. Its amazing Radhika..It does not look like a first time at all ! Thanks for sharing the step..will inspire many to try out !

    1. Thank you so much Pooja..even i didnt believe that my 1st carving turned good..but am happy with it..

  4. It`s lovely ! Seen photos of such carvings but did not know how it was made . Thank you for your lovely tutorial .

  5. Wunderschön ist das geworden, du bist ein großes Talent.
    Schon lange habe ich nicht mehr so ein schönes geschnitztes Obst gesehen.
    Hier in Deutschland sieht man das sehr selten.

    Liebe Grüße von Sophie

  6. This is very lovely Radhika.. You are such a quick and awesome learner!

  7. I think it is beautiful.Looks like it is done by a pro.

  8. U are super talented.Happy that i came across ur blog :)


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