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Getting To Know Me Blog Hop

Hello Friends !!
Today am sharing  a different Blog Hop .. i was tagged for this different Blog Hop by my blogger friend and great inspiration Dr Sonia  she blogs at  she is a wonderful person inspires many people ..her projects are very useful and Amazing ..she makes things look easier with her tutorials..she made so many flower tutorials with different mediums you can find at her blog my favorite among them are foam flowers  and also she makes handmade embellishments and many School projects .. Thanks for tagging me DR Sonia its an Honour :) .. Here you can find her post  Getting to Know me Blog Hop   .

My tag is at the end of the post ..all my craft friends have completed the blog hop and some are on the way to post today and some have scheduled next Monday ..:)

                      GETTING TO KNOW ME

1.What am i working right now?
Hmm many things but not of same medium .. some idea strikes my mind and i start working on it ..but right now i don't have any thing to share because i have unfinished projects ...once i finish i will post the process .. :) 

2.Why do I craft and Blog ?
Because i love it ..i like making crafts always want to try different things which i don't have any idea of ..i have started my blog in 2013 April and learnt so many things here not a card making person but after looking at many challenges around i have started making cards and am lovin it :D.. after blogging am so happy and satisfied when people like it and comment on it and also when people feel happy when  i gift a card or handmade gift ..  :)

3.How do I Become inspired or stay inspired ?
I am inspired by many things ..mostly am inspired by my blogger friends works and new techniques they share .. and stay always inspired by the challenges they come up with great sketches and themes..they inspire me so much :) and color inspiration is from color palettes when am confused with colors i will refer color palettes by Divya  she has lovely color palettes..:)

4.How does your writing /creating process work ? 
Its not always same because i try different things As am inspired by the challenges themes  when i see the challenge  many  idea strike my mind and  start gathering the supplies n  implement on one of it .. sometimes i will alter some tiny things and finish the project :) sometimes i finish the project with out any idea i will just go on adding things untill i like it :)

5.How long does it take to create a project?

 I mostly make crafts at night time ..For CAS cards it take 20  mins and some take  30 mins
 for the recycling projects,altered projects it takes 1-2 days depending on my mood some times i finish them in 1 day ..
for jewelry it takes 1-2 days ,for art journals it take 2-3 hrs with breaks in middle :) and am slow at quilling it takes much time  to quill a 3d Doll it takes 3 hrs.. :)

 i mess up every time i make crafts and additional time to clean it up when i finish the project ;) i always think next time i will not mess up things but it happens always :) its become a habit :D (bad habit)..

6.How does my work differ from others ?
i don't know actually ..i like to try new things and experiment on it..from any medium  i want to try and get better out of it something unique.. but mostly i like to work with m-seal (epoxy clay) and now a days am concentrating on stamping and techniques..:)

7.What are the favorite things i love to create at the moment ?
My favorite m-seal  something new to create with ..Like to make DIY's  and now want to try stamping ,stencil and textures..(techniques) ,handmade embellishments and flowers :) am so lazy making flowers but am concentrating to make flowers and embellishments :) and  also jewelry making too as am not making jewelry these days..

8.What is my Signature style?
 I try many things n styles  not limited to one particular style :) ..and am learning  new forms n styles  from my blogger pals  .. :)

That's it about  me.. :) Hope you enjoyed reading my lengthy blog hop post ..
Thanks for sticking to me till the end of the post..Now its my turn to tag  am tagging one of my  blogger friend..

Ramya Anand  she makes cards , DIYs, and altered things she blogs at Kriya-tive Kaleidoscope i like her crafts she make her own handmade flowers can also find tutorials of the is the cute DIY Bird house she made i lovee it..  do drop by her blog .. :) her post go live on 28th July..

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Have a nice day ..:)


  1. It was great to read about you Radhika. I think you have great clarity reg what you want when it comes to your cards thats why you are able to finish them off really soon

    1. Thank you Divya :) ya for CAS cards am fast :)

  2. Wow ! Radhika..I loved reading this post . Glad Dr Sonia tagged you ,your recycling craft idea are amazing n inspirational !
    you also create CAS cards very fast :) !

  3. Radhika loved reading about you and you know what we do have many similar creative streaks--I too keep adding things to a project till I am happy with it and I make a big big mess after crafting !! I love your mseal work and so kind of you to write such sweet things about me!! I missed seeing the candy floss project...lemme hunt your blog for the same
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  4. This is awesome Radhika. I loved knowing more about your creative process. :) You know I am a big fan of your creativity and also wanted to tag you myself, before I came to know that Dr. Sonia had already done that...:) . And hey, I must say you are really quick with CAS cards. I'm too slow. :(

  5. I am so glad to have found you through Dr. Sonia, Radhika!! I enjoyed getting to know about your creative process!! I also scrolled through your blog and your projects are so creative and fabulous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Great post and so good to know your creative style :)

  7. This is a fabulous post Radhika, it's nice to learn more about you and your creative process.

  8. Happy to know more about always surprise me with ur creativity and medium..

  9. Thank you very much for tagging me Radhika... I am excited because its by seeing your blog I too wanted to craft....

  10. What a great variety of designs! The sugar spin design is brilliant, I've never seen anything like this, so cute!

  11. Hello Radhika, So lovely to read this wonderful post, knowing each other is always fun when you are at the same boat and I really enjoy reading about you. Keep creating and happy blogging!
    Have a great day :)

  12. What a lovely post Radhika :) so good to know about ur creative process and how willing u r to try new things !


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