Sunday, 2 June 2013

Glitter Emboss Painting

                           GLITTER EMBOSS PAINTING

Emboss painting is an easy method any one can paint with simple instructions..
Emboss painting kits are available in craft stores ...the kit includes a velvet cloth with a design ,colours you just need a hot press ..
Place the cloth on a four fold bed sheet design should face down plain side up..
Apply hot press all over the cloth untill the design emboss..
Then apply colours and shadings ..
  I have made two emboss paintings a beautiful lady and ganesha...

There is a another method of emboss painting with out any kit..
For this you need Camel Crylin puffy medium (for emboss painting)..
Make a design of your choice on velvet cloth or a cotton cloth..
Apply the medium on the design and allow it to dry..
After drying apply hot press on plain side untill design embosses..and apply camel crylin colours or  pearl acrylic colours for glitter embossing, metalic colours for metalic embossing ...
Hope u like it...
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  1. awsome painting..thxs for information

  2. wht colors u used for tht giltering effect...its soo shiny..luks gud

    1. Thank you Anusha..:) i used metallic colors..

  3. hi very beautiful work....even i want to try this but m not gettin puffy medium in any stores...can u plss tell me where do i get it? n can v apply fabric paint directly on the design even without the medium? plss reply

  4. Thank you.. without puffy medium the cloth doesnt emboss on ironing so puffy medium is must.. check out this online store link you can use fabric paints over the puffy medium after hot press..

  5. After puffy medium dried..i ironed the cloth on the backside but the puffy effect isnt coming up..pls help

    1. Hi shreya.. you need to apply thick coat to the cloth so that it pop up after ironing.. try applying medium to thick layer of puffy medium next time..thin coat doesnt work..


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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