Monday, 17 June 2013


                                  PARTY  BOX  CLUTCH

These box clutches are so popular now a days ...every one wants to have their own clutch to take around parties ...but you can also make your own clutch in your style .. I have made my clutch with sunglasses case .. simple sunglasses case is converted to a party box clutch..i have decorated it with kundans and  rhinestones ...
Take a sunglasses case

kundans and rhinestones for decorations glue them to the sunglasses case in a pattern u like...
I placed the kundans along zip line..

 Flower pattern with rhinestones..

Added more rhinestone for decoration for party look.. 

Your diy party box clutch is ready ...take it around and have fun..
Hope u like it ..
Thanks for stopping by ..

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  1. Love this Radhika... what a fab way to upcycle a eye glass case!


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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