Friday, 21 June 2013

Ice-cream sticks footwear

                               Footwear with ice-cream sticks

We can make many crafts out of ice cream sticks and its one of it .These footwear looks beautiful and are very easy to make .. you just need simple supplies ..
supplies u need are
ice-cream sticks


                                                satin ribbon and laces and glue..
First pick any design fabric or plain fabric of your choise and glue to the ice cream stick when it  is dry then cut out extra fabric ..
If you want to make the stick thick then glue 2 sticks together..
Attach the ribbon or lace with glue in design you like to make them fashionable..
Cover the sides with ribbon or lace to cover stick..
For extra decoration you can add small buttons,rhinestones,fimo nail art slices (i used flower and heart shape)..and u r done...

Hope u like it..
Thanks for stopping by... Have a crafty day..

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