Saturday, 26 October 2013

Beaded pearl bead necklace

Hi ! friends I said you that am going to post this beaded pearl necklace in the last post..these beaded pearls are so beautiful I bought 2 round and 2 drop shape beads thought to make a necklace  using them I have maroon pearls and that are perfect for them so continued making it.. used caps in between n  round beaded pearls I have used in necklace and drop shape for earrings.. 

here the close up of the earrings added a maroon pearl to the beaded drop shape pearl white stone ear hooks are exchangeable hooks..

here is the finished necklace n earrings..

 Hope u like it...
Thanks for stopping by.. have a nice day..


  1. Nice colours radhika.... Beautiful set

  2. WOW! Stunning necklace, Radhika. Looks very complicated but definitely worth the extra effort. Well done!
    xxx Asha - Sunny Summer Crafts

  3. beautiful Jewelry, Radhika! loved your rose necklace as well!
    festive season...:)

  4. Hi Radhika, thanks for becoming a follower on my blog! So I had to come over and wow - that necklace and those earrings - just amazing - very elegant!

  5. Oh wow. What a classy set Radhika! :)


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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