Friday, 18 March 2016

Coconut shell box

Hi am with one more coconut shell box today decorated with M-seal (epoxy clay) you can see my previous  Coconut shell box here with a tutorial.. and show piece with coconut shell here ..
here what you need for the coconut shell box
First smooth the coconut shell with sand paper and then started working on it..

 first i have added a old jar lid at the bottom of the shell for the support with M-seal and glue
then decorated the design with M-seal for whole shell..

Now coloring time ..i have colored the total shell with black acrylic color and then colored the M-seal part with  pearl metallic acrylic colors..

Here is the completed box can use it as a jewellery box or if you have any idea to store in it you can.. :)

 Hope you like it ..
Thanks for stopping by ..have a nice day..:)


  1. Wow..It is so beautiful Radhika..I wonder how you roll the clay very thin for the entire design..Thanks for sharing the tutorial..

  2. Wow! how beautiful coconut box !!! Stunning. Regards

  3. Its Beautiful. I wonder how could you break the coconut as below part as big and above part as small!!!!!


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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