Friday, 11 March 2016

Image transfer on to canvas..

Hi friends i have tried transferring image on to canvas but my bad luck my first attempt was failure :( i used Gesso  for the 1st time .. here is my result i rubbed off the total paper just some print of the photo left on canvas..
I thought to give it another try .. but not sure of the outcome so i didn't take the step by step pics..i don't have the step by step pics to show but thought to explain and share with you all
 so this time i used Fevicol actually i want to use Mod Podge but i don't have it so replaced it with Fevicol..
Start by applying a medium coat of fevicol on to canvas and then added the Photo print out image facing down and smooth with your hand removing the bubbles if  any and then allow it to dry for 1 to 2 hours ..
 After 2 hours spray water on to the canvas and slowly rub off the paper with your fingers note that you are not rubbing too hard it takes off the image along with the paper .. repeat twice or thrice so the total paper is peeled and the image is on to canvas.. and you are done :)
 Here is my canvas with my Mom n Dad picture :)

 Here is the side and top view
added some blooms and the die cut leaves (stash from Dr Sonia) to decorate it..

 Hope you like it ..
Thanks for stopping by ..Have a nice day .. :)


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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