Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M-Seal Jhumkas Earrings

Hello ! Today am sharing a tutorial for M-seal Jhumkas.. am showing 2 methods of jhumkas with one plastic ball Filled and hollow ...
i have a little plastic ball(its a decorative ball i have removed the decorative paper on it) ..so using it for making jhumkas.. Tutorial after a long time.. :)
so lets begin ..
We need  M-Seal,Talcum powder,Plastic ball,head pins,loop pins,ear hooks,acrylic colors, pearls,rhinestones..
I have mixed the 2 components of M-seal in equal parts (use talcum powder while mixing so it doesnt stick to hands)..then cut the plastic ball  in to half..
Now apply the talcum to the inner and outer side of the plastic ball parts ..
For 1st (filled ) jhumka fill the m-seal in to one half of the ball and press for the shape and remove from it (it comes out of it easily because we used talcum ) ..
For 2nd (hollow)one make round shape out of m-seal and press evenly with the pencil and  place it on the upper side of the ball and press for the shape then trim the excess.. allow it to settle for few mins and remove because it is hollow if we remove instantly it looses its shape..

 Drill holes in it before the m-seal gets harden..
Then to the head pins add a pearl and insert to the filled jhumkas as shown it the picture.. and dangled a large pearl in the center..
 Now coloring the filled jhumkas i have used metallic acrylics ..i have colored the whole jhumkas with black and painted simple design with white on it..and my filled jhumka are ready.. :)
 for hollow ones i have used the beads made out of m-seal that i previously made ..added the drop beads as hanging and colored with metallic black first then followed with rust color and glued some rhinestones and done with my 2 nd pair..
Hope you like my experiment with the m-seal n plastic ball and  my filled and hollow jhumkas..:)
Thanks for stopping by ..
Have a great day.. :D


  1. You explained it beautifully in the tute but I think I would mess it up real good if I tried :) Such a novel idea for making jhumkas!

  2. I love the black- pearl ones, they are lovely.I didnt get one part though - did you attach the pearls when the clay was still wet? I did that once before and the piece became shapeless do to the headpins and weight of beads

  3. Wow. Love your creations. Thanks for sharing the process!

  4. Wow. Love your creations. Thanks for sharing the process!

  5. Really beautiful work!

    Greetings from Romania.

  6. Nice idea to use plastic ball as mold Radhika ! I loved both of them ..and you have explained it so well :D !

  7. beautifully done a these earrings, I warmly greet

  8. Stunning Earrings. Love the metallic coating. Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Thanks Radhika for the tuto.. You can visit our online store here: jhumkas online for more ideas and designs..

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