Monday, 2 December 2013

Ribbon Rose Tutorial

Hi !! today am going to share a tutorial of ribbon rose recently used in memo board ..I saw it on you tube and thought to share with you all ..we need florist ribbon ,cutter, gold wire ..

 Take 1 m length ribbon and  fold like this at one end leaving  2 inchs ..

 fold to front side and turn and fold in same way

a square is formed continue folding in same way till the end

Now turn the end

 place the finger in middle and make a hole in middle from down and pull the turned end down..

 now the turned end is down then hold the turned end and twist

look like this when you start twisting

 continue twisting you can see the flower is formed
 after twisting completely release the turn slightly and arrange the petals with hand  and the rose is ready..

 Now twist the free ribbon end to base and tighten with gold wire.. beautiful ribbon rose is ready to use..

These are some roses I made..

Hope u like it ..
Thanks for stopping by.. have a nice day.. :)



  1. Looks so tasty! It's a really wonderful color combination

  2. I made a similar rose recently and they are so quick and easy

  3. Looks very fuller n beautiful ! Thanks for tut !

  4. I remember making these in school with ribbons worn in the hair :)

    1. ya really divya .. such fun in those days :)

  5. these look beautiful, thanx, Radhika !!

  6. Oh my goodness! Fabulous project, Radhika. Thank you so much for the tut.
    xxx Asha - Sunny Summer Crafts

  7. beautiful flowers, Radhika.
    Sorry for the late reply to your question about AJ. My computer did not want to work till evening today :) Actually you can make AJ on any type of paper. It depends on how many layers and texture you want to create and which type of color medium, you are going to use. Usually, I use heavy card stock for my layered pages, for distress ink techniques I use regular CS. Many times I use back of cereal box, but I gesso it first. :) hope this helps.
    send me a test mail , I will send you some links which will be helpful to begin with.

    1. Thanks for the info shilpa.. great idea of cereal box.. :) will start making one today but don't know how it turns..

  8. wow!! Beautiful roses. Thanks for explaining it so well.

  9. Wow! Awesome tutorial and the roses are beautiful.. :)

  10. Beautiful roses!! Thanks so much for the tutorial Radhika! :)

  11. These are beautiful roses and thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial.


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