Sunday, 8 December 2013

Pistachio shells again

Hello !! I used pista shells again for the jeweler..this time I colored the pistachio shells ..Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on the decoupage pistachio shell necklace .. so tried this way by coloring and glued a crystal drop shaped faceted rhinestone to it.. These are the complete pistachio sets ..

starting by coloring the pistachio shells..
Pistachio shells and metallic acrylics

Colored and drilled the holes with needle..

Gold wire for hook ,super glue for rhinestones ,cutter

made 3 of each color one for pendent and 2 for earrings..
 wrapped the wire and glue to the pistachio shell for blue color
 Used seed beads , pearls and rectangle beads..

Hope you like it ..
Thanks for stopping by ...Happy Monday :)


  1. very beautiful, love the recycling !!

  2. So pretty. Great idea for upcycling :)

  3. How terrific and what a clever idea. Beautiful.

  4. You have created yet another masterpiece with shells . Lovely !

  5. You are indeed the "Pista" of eco jewelry now :)

  6. Great going ther.... Love de colours

  7. Such stunning colors and the wire wrapping and the rhinestones make these so gorgeous !! You are great Radhika!!

  8. Superb and vibrant collection Radhika! Absolutely love the colours and the co-ordinating strands you've made.. How did you drill the holes without breaking/cracking the shells?? By applying pressure on the needle with bare hands?


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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