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news paper crafts


News paper crafts

News paper jewllery box or watch box
Materials -empty kellogg's box,news paper,glue,velvet paper(red).
  1. Take a kellogg's box empty glue the opening and seal ..thn cut the box on front side for box lid cut with craft knife on three sides and left one side attached to box so that its easy to open and close ..
2.Now take news paper and start rolling from one side with the help of pencil or pen at the end add glue and close the roll so that it may not unwind.
3.Make as many as rolls to cover the full box..
4.Glue all the rolls to the box cut the uneven ends.. take one roll fold like handle and glue.
5.Take velvet paper and glue inside of box completly.

                         6. Now ur box is ready can store ur jewllery or watches 

I stored all  watches in the box..
In the same way  paper rolls are attached to opp sides of tetrapack juice box and paper roses to remaining sides to make vase i used an old book pages for rolls and decorated with a colour paper rose ..
                                                             News paper pot
     News paper flower pot -we can recycle news paper and make crafts for decorative purpose or for kids projects these news paper crafts need less materials -news paper and glue(fevicol) n  in some crafts we need card board and colours to paint.

 News paper wreath
           News paper wreath-materials-card board,glue,news paper- make cones out of paper no.of cones is based on size of card board u choose ..take card board mark center using the center draw a circle glue the cones along circle nxt line of cones make circle 2 cm frm center point and glue along the circle..for center make paper rose and glue..


        Glitter paper wreath -It is done same as news paper wreath single line of cones but using sliver ang gold glitter paper for center make small news paper balls and cover it with red gliter paper glue it in middle.

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