Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Coffee painting

                                    coffee painting

Making coffee painting is intresting  quite simpler one where every one can start off. it gives a vintage paper look I have given a try it looks gr8...

materials needed are few
instant coffee powder
brushes- flat and 00 brush
varnish to secure your painting
gold liner for finishing out lines for better view
canvas sheet or drawing sheet

Select a design or picture draw on canvas or trace the picture mix water and coffee powder for darker shades add more coffee and for lighter shades add more water after finishing.. if u want neat outlining take a brown ink pen and make detailing..after finishing let it dry after drying apply varnish to secure and it gives you glossy effect ur coffee painting is finished you can frame it.
                            Here is my coffee painting ...

Hope u like it..
Thanks for stopping by...Have a wonderful day..

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