Friday, 1 April 2016

Make your own silicon moulds

Hi am with a DIY today .. you can make your own silicon moulds its so easy ..
You will need
Silicon sealant , silicon gun , corn flour ,gloves ,  and finally shapes or designs of which you want to make moulds   ..
 this is the silicon sealant you have to cut the seal of silicon tube and insert it into the gun.. you can find both silicon sealant and gun in hardware store..

First wear gloves and then press some amount of silicon out of the tube on to working surface and then add corn flour and mix well together ...knead as a dough and smooth en it ..(If you want a color mould then you have to mix acrylic color while kneading i didn't add any color to the mould.)

 i have taken a earring to make a mould  now place the earring on to the dough and press it gently and remove you can see the marking ..then kept a side overnight so you can use the next day or when needed ..i will show some old moulds i made i used color making them ..  so here are they i included the shape from which i made the moulds also in the pic ..
 take some amount of clay and press in the mould to get the shape..
here are the moulds and clay shapes side to it..
 you can make your favorite  design into mould and then use for making jewellery ,earrings or embellishments..
below is the set i made using the mould i made the ones beside the Ganesha all over..
you can also make anything out of it with your creativity :)
 Hope you like them ..
Thanks for stopping by today ..have a nice  day :)


  1. Thanks for a fantastic tutorial Radhika, I'll try it out. Is it possible to cast resin in these moulds?

  2. That neck piece is Just Awesome Radhika ! Never thought of making our own idea !

  3. What an awesome tutorial this is!! I want to make my own moulds now!! The necklace is absolutely stunning!! Wow!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. This is a fabulous tutorial Radhika, such a great idea - thank you for sharing.


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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