Friday, 4 December 2015

cardboard door hanger

Hi am with a 6*6 cardboard  hobbycrafts  door hanger for  my room ..
here are the step by step pics how i made it..
firstly i made a rough sketch of design  on thick cardboard..
 using shilpkar m-seal for the design (made 2 peacocks)

 marking the feathers with craft knife
 one peacock is done and made the same with the 2nd peacock i missed a picture here after 2 peacocks are done then i glued the tissue paper on the complete left over cardboard for the texture..
 then colored it totally with black 
 then colored the peacocks with metallics blue and green colors and the rest of cardboard i just dabbed the gold color so that the tissue paper texture is seen..
 now added 2 icecream sticks and glued in the middle..then i wrote hobby crafts on them with black 3d outliner
 then made 2 holes on the top and inserted gold pipe cleaner and hooked it to the frame already hanging on my door..its a day light this pic you can see the bronze shade ..
 and the night light you can see the gold shade..

as i expected it has come out really good.. want to make this as a logo for my blog and facebook page :D

Hope you like it..
Thanks for stopping by.. Have a great Weekend.. :)


  1. What a beautiful step by are so talented !
    Dr Sonia

  2. Great course, work pretty. Regards

  3. Oh my. It turned out gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how you made it!

  4. This is gorgeous Radhika, so beautifully detailed.

  5. Oh Wow!! Radhika, this is just awesome. You are truly an artist !


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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