Saturday, 18 February 2017

DIY Ring holder

Hi am here with an DIY Ring holder so easy n simple you can make it under 30 mins .. you can organise all your finger rings in one place..
So here what you need an old wallet carton or any thin box ,glue , denim fabric (old denim jeans) , cotton , scissor ,flowers for decorating the lid ( made denim flowers to decorate) ..

Let's get started

 Take the old wallet carton and denim fabric  ...cut the fabric into pieces to fit the box
 Then take small amount of cotton on to the fabric and start rolling and secure with glue and place it in the box make few more denim rolls and place in the box ..
 Now the box is ready to place all your finger rings
 Now time to decorate the lid cut the desire length of fabric and glue to the top and sides of the lid..
 Then finally add denim flowers n leaves ...
 Your DIY ring holder is ready ..

Hope you like it..
Thanks for stopping by today. .
Have a great weekend :)
~ ♡ Radhika ♡ ~  


  1. have a lovely collection of rings Radhika ;) Loved the upcycled box :)

  2. Looks very cute, I made a ring box many years back but I now have no idea where it is. Maybe its time to make another one

    1. Thank you Divya ... :) me too made one erlier but can't find it so made this one..

  3. Simply fabulous it to bits
    Dr Sonia

  4. You are so clever. Thank you for sharing your great ideas and taking the time with all the photos.

    You could make this too out of a used Altoid's tin.

    Happy thoughts,
    New York

  5. This is brilliant Radhika, both beautiful and practical.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  6. this is awesome Radhika....thanks for sharing!!!


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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