Saturday, 10 May 2014

Earrings and Ring holder DIY

Hi!! am sharing a DIY today making a Earring and Ring holder with sunglasses packaging box..
We need sunglasses box, packing foam ,marker,pattern paper, velvet paper ,glue,craft knife..
Lets get started
Mark the length and width of box by placing it on foam with marker .. then cut the piece and check whether it fits in the box or not if its perfect then cute 3 more pieces ..

 you can see i have taken 4 pieces of foam and fixed in the box with the help of glue ..after filling the foam we should have 1/2 inch space for the box for the items to place.. if the packing foam is thin you may need more pieces of it.. now cover the packing foam with  the velvet paper ..cut the foam and velvet paper as shown in the pic.

 i have cut 3 lines now it holds earrings and rings.. for the outer side i have used pattern paper to cover the whole box and embellished with heart pearls lace flower and a paper flower and my Rings and Earrings Holder is ready  :)
 Here how it look and inside it  hold Earrings ,Rings and we can also store 2 bangles.. :)
Hope you like it..
Thanks for stopping by..
Have a lovely Weekend :)


  1. such a good idea,Radhika!! fab upcycling and practical too!!

  2. What a lovely idea Radhika...I liked how you have decorated it too....

  3. Beautiful and very useful radhika!

  4. Thanks for sharing this, and your box looks so lovely :)

  5. I remember making one like this long back, but it couldnt stand my rough handling :P

  6. This is a gorgeous box to hold your earrings and rings, so beautifully decorated and embellished.

  7. Looks really pretty...great upcycling. :)

  8. This is fantastic Radhika! What a great idea...

  9. Fabulous upcycling project. Such an awesome idea.

  10. This is so cool!! Love the way u dressed the box :)


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