Sunday, 30 March 2014

Simple Wallnut shell Brooches

Hi Friends !Today am sharing walnut brooches as I made a walnut brooch earlier decoupage one and am so happy for your encouragement and sweet comments on it Thank you so much .. :) but now this time I made it simple by just colored and added pearls and rhinestones ..
Here are my brooches with old decoupage brooch..

same process as I made the decoupage one check out the link  Wallnut shell brooch   I filled the shell  with M-Seal  and placed the safety pin and colored for Blue one I have just added pearls and added a tear drop rhinestone in the center ..and for the Pink one I have added rhinestones .. 
Hope you like them ..
Thanks for stopping by ..Have a nice day :)



  1. Brooches are looking great. Looking superb. So unique. Brilliant idea.

  2. Lovely ! what a great idea !

  3. What a fun decoupage idea! Love it..

  4. Very beautiful brooches Radhika. You are so creative. And hey, is that pretty girl on the brooch you?? :)

    1. Hahaha Jasleen Thank you ..Yes its me :)


Thank you for the lovely comments ..

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